Tess Serranti

Doctor Romiszewski is in a league of his own!  Truly irreplaceable He has been my veterinarian for years, Honest and most importantly takes the time to thoroughly explain the condition of the pet. Dr. Romiszewski saved one of my dog’s life when he was electrocuted. He embodies the essence of a true gentleman and professional. I would never trust anyone else with my animals.

Michelle Matthews Day Spa, Owner

I met Dr. R in the fall of 1996 when one of my little dogs, Barney, a Bichon Frise and I were out for a walk and I noticed he had a cut on his stomach the size of a quarter. It was a Sunday and my regular vet was not there (who I wasn’t too crazy about, by the way), so I looked in the Yellow Pages and called Animal Medical Center. A man answered the phone told me he was the vet and I should come right on over. Barney and I loved him immediately. He “glued” Barney’s wound, gave him an antibiotic and in a few days Barney was as good as new.  The next day I transferred Barney and my other dog Tinky’s (a Maltese/Yorkie/Chihuahua Mix)  records to  Dr. Romiszewski’s office. Over the years there were many frantic calls from me about Tinky and Barney. Many x-rays, much blood work and one day I noticed little Tinky had trouble breathing. I rushed right over to the office. Tinky had a heart attack. Dr. R gave her mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate her and she lived another 3.5 years. When it was time for Tinky to pass, he helped her go in the kindest way. Barney lived for another 6 years to the ripe old age of 17 and when his time came this October, again Dr. R assisted Barney with tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat. Now we are taking care of a very feisty one year old Maltese named Frankie. Hopefully with Dr. R’s help he will live a long and healthy life!

Michelle Matthews

Jim and Sally Cascio

We highly recommend the Animal Medical Center.  Dr. Romiszewski is both skilled and professional.  His staff is efficient and curious and the facility is immaculate.

Most sincerely,
Jim and Sally Cascio    Flemington, NJ

Mrs. Marlene Levine

I have known Dr. R. for twenty years. He has taken care of the many dogs I have had, counseled me on the direction of treatment for my pets(always with the dog’s best interests at heart, and has had to put my dogs out of their suffering when it was their time. He has consoled me and my family when nothing more could be done, but has always done everything in his power for my pets to the very end.

I presently have 4 dogs, one of which needed major surgery as he suddenly became paralyzed. Dr. R met me at the animal clinic, diagnosed the problem(no x-rays, pictures etc. to add onto the expense)and realized the dog needed immediate and more advanced care than he could provide. He suggested that our MinPin get to a specialist as he suspected surgery would be needed to correct a diseased disk in his neck. Fortunately, because we followed his advice, the dog is fine today. I cannot express in words the amount of appreciation I have for his kind bedside manner, his availability when needed, and just the everyday care that he provides to my pets. I have yet to meet another like Dr. R and would recommend him to anyone far and wide.

Mrs. Marlene Levine
Owner of 4 dogs, 2 horses, 3 birds and a fish tank!

Carole and Guy Waltman

We have been utilizing the services of Dr. Romiszewski for number of years during which time we have owned several dogs and cats. Dr. Romiszewski is a highly skilled and very professional veterinarian who has taken great care of our animals. He understands our relationship with our pets and approaches each situation with that relationship in mind. Must importantly, he is a person of great compassion and understanding and we fee very comfortable in recommending his services to anyone who cares for their person as much s we do.