Welcome to The Animal Medical Center

sign_700x525The Animal Medical Center offers a full-range of veterinary care including complete physical examination, annual inoculations, diagnostic testing, blood analysis and surgery. We have the latest equipment for administration and monitoring anesthesia, prophylactic dentistry and radiography. Advanced diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound and echocardiography are available on the premises and performed by highly trained and experienced specialists. We place a special emphasis on preventive care and highly recommend annual wellness check-ups including blood and urine tests to detect and address potential problems.


We provide the most innovative treatment for degenerative and traumatic musculo-skeletal disorders with the revolutionary MEDIVET AMERICA system, which isolates and uses pet’s own stem cells. In addition, we are able to extract Platelets Reach Plasma and use it in the form of injections to accelerate healing process of joints, ligaments and tendons after orthopedic surgery.

We have an extensive experience with retired racing Greyhounds, are aware of their unique needs and use a special protocol for their care. In addition, we are one of the few veterinary clinics in the Bucks County holding certification in a new and innovative stem cell treatment of various degenerative musculo-skeletal disorders.

We welcome your visit to our spacious, immaculate facility and for those considering using our practice, we will be happy to schedule a short tour of the hospital and an interview with the doctor to answer all your questions and concerns. We believe you will be pleased with what you see and hear!